July 15, 2014

  • Photo Mural at CHSA–Mural at Utopia Cafe




    Been very busy with things… I’m working on a photo mural of Chinatown images for my gallery/studio at CHSA. I’m putting together thirty six 20″ x 30″ prints each with a little layout of images. A lot of it will be more recent images taken with the iphone and to the style of images I post on my instagram. It’s taking many hours going through my digital files then enhancing and cropping each image.


    Then I’m also doing this mural at Utopia Cafe on Waverly Place in Chinatown. It’s a staircase going to the basement. I will be painting nine dragons on a misty green background. The trouble is, I cannot work when the restaurant is open and can only work there after hours starting at 9pm. I can only paint for about two hours the most at a time.

    Then there’s the mural of the transcontinental railroad with an all Chinese cast which I haven’t touched for awhile. They want me to finish that one by September.

    All this amidst cooking dinner, washing dishes, dumping garbages, prepare taxes, depositing checks, etc. Too bad there’s only one me.


    I’ve been so busy that it’s a hassle to just stop to pee, poop, eat and sleep.

July 11, 2014

  • Estimate for Biu

    Biu is a graphic designer I’ve know for probably thirty years now.

    His story is amazing. He escaped China during the cultural revolution by swimming to Hong Kong in the sixties. I don’t know when exactly he came to this country, but he worked for a very prestigious graphic design firm for a number of years and been freelancing since the firm closed their San Francisco office.

    He’s done very well for himself and owns a nice house out by Stonestown. Even the address rings prosperity. 1188 daily prosperity.

    So….he gave me this huge whopping order…. Thirty T-Shirts! Wowee super whoopee doo doo!

    30 pc. Hanes 5180 Beefy T — Aqua $6.15 ea. = $184.50

    1 Film Postive and Screen Prep $75

    1-Color Screen Printing (Minimum) $150. *

    Subtotal $409.50

    Sales Tax 8.75% $35.83

    Total $445.33

    *For metallic color inks add $25

    for two sided order

    30 pc. Hanes 5180 Beefy T — Aqua $6.15 ea. = $184.50 **

    2 Film Postive and Screen Prep $150

    1-Color Screen Printing (Minimum) $150. Front

    1-Color Screen Printing (Minimum) $150. Back *

    Subtotal $ 634.50

    Sales Tax 8.75% $55.52

    Total $690.02

    *For metallic color inks add $25
    **XXL, XXXL add $6.00 each

    well… I too hope for daily prosperity.


    The rooster talking to the hen on the 1100th block of Grant Avenue.

July 10, 2014

  • WGUISFCT Summerblast at CHSA

    WGUISFCT Summerblast at CHSA

    WGUISFCT Summerblast at CHSA

    Whelp, we had our 3rd Annual Summerblast at the Chinese Historical Society of America the prior weekend.

    It was a benefit for the Chinese Historical Society of America. This time the energy from WGUISFCT was very low. But we had more input from the CHSA staff which should be right because this event though presented by WGU benefits CHSA.

    This summer event was started as a Porkchop House night at Cathay Post several years ago. The second year was at CHSA at the end of May 2013. We made our own roast pork and oxtail stew at the first two events. But this year we had Porkchop House make most of the food. We made our own gai-lon choi, chinese chicken salad and potstickers.

    This is the first time we had Jest Jammin’ band for our Summerblast because of the success of the Winterblast. The attendance was not as high as we had hoped. We were hoping to have at least a hundred paying attendees. But we only had about seventy five. It seems like the energy from everyone is low for an event like this during this time of the year. Vacations, family, other events etc. But the energy of the event was high and it was a success for CHSA though they didn’t make as much as they had hoped for.

    The admission was $35. The band cost $800. The food cost $600. They also made some money from the raffle ticket sales. I still have some receipts… I better give it to them. Rough guess as to how much they made.


    Ticket sales $2625.
    Raffle sales $500.
    Total $3125.


    Band $800
    Food $600
    misc. $100
    Total $1500

    Profit $1625.

    I’m giving CHSA our events lock stock and barrel. If they want to use WGUISFCT as a draw go ahead on. We are not a formal organization. Let’s see if they still want to do a Winterblast. I think the energy is higher for such an event at that time of the year.

July 4, 2014

  • Gorillas…Usual Suspects…ROMEO’s…Whatever….


    Finally made it out to the jungle to catch the gorillas in action.  They just had a birthday party.

    Just how did they get their name…gorilla?  It was from a birthday party for Sensei Clarence Lee when some former students of Clarence Lee showed up. This someone, whom was also a guest, thought he owned the place for some reason. He said they needed his permission to be there. Then he got upset and called them a bunch of gorillas.  They name stuck. So they’re like saying, ‘hell yeah we’re a buncha gorillas! fy…what the fk you’re gonna do about it mf…’




    Here’s BJ and Kelly….old classmates…Kelly goes back all the way to Cameron Day Camp when I was probably seven or eight years old…then there’s BJ from Marina Jr. High eighth grade and onto Galileo High School….friends spanning fifty years!

    A lot of these gorillas are motorcycle riders. Many are retired about my age. ROMEO is an acronym for Retired Old Men Eating Out.

June 25, 2014

  • Jalapeno and Taco

    el Taco Loco
    Went to El Taco Loco for a burrito late last night.

    I only had half of it. Surprised how much they charged for a large diet Pepsi. It’s under new ownership. But then again, the place have gone through many hands since I went there for many years.

    All the old murals have been painted over. But this one survived. I like the way they placed the jalapeno stem in that position.

    Speaking of murals…I’m working on two murals right now. At CHSA and at the Utopia Cafe.

    The one at CHSA is an image of the Golden Spike event in 1869 with all Chinese. The Utopia mural is in the stairwell going down to the basement. It will be nine dragons painted in silver and gold on a forest green background.

    In the meantime, our refrigerator just went dead. We had it for twelve years. Installed 2002. Now I have to get another one. Louie’s used to be my regular appliance store. They just went under. They cannot compete against the big box companies. They even told me to go to Lowe’s or Home Depot. How sad.

June 10, 2014

  • The Baby Daughter Graduates From Galileo High School


    Whelp…my baby daughter turned eighteen in January and she graduated from high school the other week.

    And to think I graduated from Galileo forty four years ago.

    This closes a chapter for all three of my kids going from kindergarten through twelfth grade. For me it was a great accomplishment because those years brought them from being a five year old child to now a young adult.

    All the taking them to and picking them up at elementary school.  Watching their progress at Marina Middle School.  Then finishing up at Galileo High School.

    They are all adults now. College will only be four to five years.

June 8, 2014

  • Become A Pledge Support Member of the Art and Photography Leland Wong!

    Yes, you can become a pledge support member of my art!

    Your support will allow me to continue doing the things I do;

    art, drawings, illustration, serigraphs, photography, etc.

    I’ve been trying to set aside the time to scan negatives from my archives for a retrospect exhibit and book.

    For $100 a year you can become a pledge supporter of my photography and art.  Pledge members will receive four signed photographic and art prints quarterly.

    So whaddya say?  Please become a pledge member!  My paypal account is lwongphoto@yahoo.com

    Checks by snail mail are welcome too!  Please email me lwongphoto@yahoo.com for details.




June 7, 2014

  • New Guy



    Just wondering…looks like a new guy in town.

    Where did he come from?

    What kind of work did he do?

    Did he get laid off?

    Why did he come to San Francisco?

    What does he think of our  Chinatown?

    Where is he staying at?

    Does he plan to get a haircut?

    Does he have family?

    Did his wife kick him out of the house?

    Is he about my age?


June 6, 2014

  • Gaimosou Rage


    This was a sketch I did two years ago while teaching students in my Anti-Violence Through Art workshop how to draw. Using a speedball B-3 nib and a bottle of drawing ink, I demonstrated drawing lines, cross hatching for shading and using an ink wash. The guy in this drawing is not me, though it wound up looking a bit like me. The woman in the background is you-know-who.

    I have had this hanging in the basement above the washing machine ever since. I recently took a picture and cleaned it up in Aviary in my iPhone. Then I posted it on my FB page. I clipped it onto my hard drive. Which was how it wound up here.

    Many of us kids who grew up with first generation Chinese parents in my times have experienced being disciplined with the feather duster, also know as gaimosou in cantonese. It’s a thin rattan stick covered with chicken feathers on one end. Normally it is used for dusting furniture, shelves or what have you. The other use when flipped over, was a lethal weapon used to whip kids, inflict pain and to discipline. Many Chinese Americans in my generation have experienced being disciplined with the gaimosou. It was a very traumatic experience for many and bears many bad memories and flashbacks. Not only parents used the gaimosou, but so did Chinese school teachers. The painful sting lashing of the gaimosou left welts on the body and crying so hard that you ran out of breath.

    The worst beating I ever got was when I accidentally closed the store door on my father’s hand. He got enraged and chased me. I ran in fear out of the store and stayed out till very late because I feared being beaten when I returned to the store/home. As it became very late like 1 or 2am I returned due to hunger and cold but only stayed outside. My brother chased me to beat me up and I ran. This went on for awhile and my parents had to call the police to get me to go back home. I was really afraid. I even told the police that they were going to beat me. But it was not their job in those days. When I went back into the closed store/home and as soon as the police left and the door closed, both my parents ganged up on me with the gaimosou. I was literally on the floor against the front door crying in pain. The beating lasted for quite awhile. They eventually stopped and left me crying into the night on the floor. Forgot how old I was at the time, but I think I was in junior high already.

    How and when was it that my parents stop beating me? Sometimes while I was in junior high. I think I was in the eighth grade already. My father rarely beat me but my mother did most of it. She would beat me with the gaimosou and I would not react. Not even cry nor show any emotion. I just looked at her. I think this happened about three or four times and she stopped beating me. I guess that was when I was becoming a young man.

June 5, 2014

  • WGUISFCT Summerblast at the Chinese Historical Society of America

    Dragon Prance

    Dragon Prance



    OK…we are on for the WGUISFCT’s 3rd Annual Summerblast.

    Being an  artist in residence at CHSA, I’ve been doing things there…I think this is my fourth gig I’m throwing there.  The first time I did  a Summerblast was at Cathay Post as Porkchop House Night.  Last year we did it at CHSA.  We had karaoke the first two times.  This time we’re doing it at CHSA again.  Because of the success we had with Jest Jammin’ at the Winterblast, we are doing the Summerblast again with Jest Jammin’.

    This time I’m not going to do much cooking.  I’m having Porkchop House cater the event.  We’re going to have their roast pork, oxtail stew, braised tofu, fried rice, chow mein.  Dinner is 6-8pm.

    We hope to have raffles and prizes.  Unfortunately Janice who did a great job of soliciting prizes and coordinating the raffle in the past is busy tending Houvie whom just had a major operation.

    Advance tickets are $35 and can be purchased online here.  After June 26th it’s $45 at the door.