August 25, 2014

  • The 9th Session; Dragon #1


    Got a lot of work done doing an eight hour session. Went in at around 10pm and was out of there after 6am.

    I drew in the rest of the scales and fixed a lot of the lines. Then added bronze gold onto the scales. It gives it a lot of dimension. I don’t know if I wanna put another coat of bronze on the spots with bronze, but it does looks a bit brushy.

    Next step is the red for the tongue, flames, around the eyes, spots on the horn. I don’t have this paint on hand and gotta go out and buy it.

    Time to begin thinking of the other dragons too. I’ve decided not to do metallic gold on the rest of the dragons as originally planned. It takes too much time to layer five layer of that gold on. It looks nice though. But not sure if I want to spend a whole year doing this mural.

    I am not painting in the eyes till the very end. Something about the dragons not becoming alive till the eyes are painted in. I’m thinking of making it a little party at Utopia…food and all for $35 per person. The night the dragons will all come to life with a small dab of red paint on the eyes. The eye opening ceremony. Where we’ll dot the eyes and cross some tea.

    I think I will just start on Dragon #2 at the bottom of the stairs while trying to remember to buy the red paint.

August 21, 2014

  • Eighth Session: Dragon #1 at Utopia Cafe


    This is my eight session. I put on a final fourth coat of pharoah’s gold paint on the rest of the body. Then continued drawing in the scales. Didn’t finish the whole body. Next session continue painting scales.

    This is really taking a lot of time and I really hope not to be spending ten sessions on each dragon. I’ve decided not to make the rest of the dragons in metallic colors. I’ll be doing them in regular colors….red, orange, yellow, blue, turquioise, silver, white, brown…I dunno I just came up with that now.

    It’s been really tough coordinating my time to go there at a certain time. 9:53 is PUOL. By the time I get back down there after 10:00, chances are they are closed.

    I got a lot of other stuff going on too. Just finished with the photo exhibit at CHSA, though there’s still 3-4 prints I want to do to complete the space on the sides. I miscalculated. I also have the mural at CHSA to paint. It’s a scene of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad with all Chinese at the Golden Spike Ceremony.

    Then I have another photo exhibit to put up at the end of October.

    Amidst dealing with the possibility of having to move somewhere due to a force partition lawsuit from the sibling. Findng a lawyer. Soft foundation. Filing last years income tax. Cooking dinner. Sweep the roof and backyard. Trying to get some sleep. I’m going nuts!

August 16, 2014

  • Nine Dragons Mural at Utopia Cafe; Seventh Session


    It took me a whole week for me to get back to Utopia Cafe in time just before they closed the restaurant. I added the final third coat of gold. Then began putting back in the black keyline which was covered a bit by the gold and silver.

    Still not finished. Maybe two more sessions for dragon #1.

    After I am finished with the nine dragons, I would like to have an eye opening ceremony and party at the restaurant.

August 15, 2014

  • My Photo Exhibit Is Up

    Whelp….we (chris and I) put up the photos yesterday afternoon and evening at the Chinese Historical Society of America Museum. I miscalculated the middle point of the wall and wound up putting less one column which is four prints. Grrr….

    The whole ideal of this photo exhibit originated from Gordan Chun. He was thinking more of my Instagram like photos that I have been posting. His original ideal was to just do all square prints and have it like a huge tiled wall. It was going to be printed on a huge wall size paper too. But I didn’t like that tile look. It looked too static and like a bathroom wall. It would’ve cost thousands of dollar and it most likely would have been thrown out after the exhibit.

    I decided we just do 20 x 30 mounted prints. Printed at Costco for $25 each. I laid out every print trying my best to keep t specific subjects. It took a lot of time going through my files and coming up with the composition.

    The majority of these photos were taken from 2002 and on when I converted to digital photography. A lot of these images were done with the iPhone. It goes to show where my photography is headed.

    I am itching to make smaller prints to fill in the gap on the sides because of my terrible mathmatical calculation.

    By the way, my Instagram handle is diarrhea_of_the_camera….when it comes out…it comes gushing out.

    How about an opening reception for this exhibit?

    There is a second phase to this exhibit set for October. I’m thinking of doing that one all from my pre 2002 days. When I shot with film. That would be like 1968 to 2002. They will be single images.

  • A Long Two Hour Line at the Ramen Festival


    you think I’ll stand in line for two hours for a bowl of ramen for $8?

    hell no!


  • 41st Nihonmachi Street Fair


    The 41st Nihonmachi Street Fair come and went. It was overcast and cold for the both days. It was not so well attended neither.

    For the last few years they’ve had not had a real arty poster for the event. It’s been ten years since I have retired from doing the street fair poster. My last poster was 2004. Since then, Brent of Sumo Fish has been designing the posters till a few years ago. Wonder why…


    But I still faithfully attend the annual event. Can you find me in the crowd?

August 14, 2014

  • New Couch For Studio/Gallery Donation


    I finally got a couch for my gallery/studio at the Chinese Historical Society of America where I am an artist in residence.

    When I first started my residency there a year and a half ago, I always envisioned having a couch in the studio. That vision came true when I saw this sofa on sale at Costco. Well…. $439 is not a sale to me. But I kinda tongue and cheeked posted it on Facebook not expecting anyone to really buy the thing for me. I just said I sooo want this couch and hinting it’s almost my birthday.


    Someone actually came foward and asked me where can she send the check? wow…really?! She preferred to remain anonymous.

    I graciously accepted and now I have a couch in my studio/gallery at CHSA. My FB friends are so cool!


  • screen printing price list image

    A-Town Graphics Screenprinting Price List 2014-1nothing….thought I’d just park this image of my screenprinting price list here.

August 12, 2014

  • Updated Screen Printing Price List



    I haven’t touched my screenprinting price list since 2012. But here is a “minor” adjustment to my print price list:

    Wholesale T-Shirt Screen Printing Price List 2014

    1 Color 2 Colors 3 Colors 4 Colors

    6 Dozen (72 pcs.)+ $ 2.20 each $ 2.35 each $ 2.55 each $2.75 each

    12 Dozen (144 pcs.)+ $ 2.00 each $ 2.15 each $ 2.30 each $ 2.50 each

    24 Dozen (288 pcs.)+ $ 1.85 each $ 2.00 each $ 2.15 each $ 2.35 each

    48 Dozen (576 pcs.)+ $ 1.45 each $ 1.60 each $ 1.75 each $ 1.90 each

    96 Dozen (1152 pcs.)+ $ 1.15 each $ 1.30 each $ 1.45 each $ 1.60 each

    192 Dozen (2304 pcs.)+ $ 1.00 each $ 1.15 each $ 1.30 each $ 1.45 each

    *does not include garment.

    Terms and Conditions

    Minimum pricing for small orders below 72 pcs: 1-Color $ 158 , 2-Colors $169, 3-Colors $183, 4-Colors $198.

    Preparation Charges: Initial one time Preparation charge of $85 for each screen for standard design sizes under 13 inches and $95 each for oversized designs exceeding 13 inches. Preparation charges are waived when re-order is placed within one year of previous order.
    Screens can be purchased at $275 each. We use Newman high tension screens stretched up to 30 newtons.

    Artwork and Film Positives: All artwork must be received camera ready or as film positives. Includes Film postive. Additional artwork and color separations are rated at $50 an hour and will be quoted before beginning work. We can work with you in developing you design from concept to finish art. Artwork can be supplied on a disk. digital film output charges are additional.

    Terms: 50% deposit required before beginning any work. Remaining 50% due upon pick up or delivery on orders up to 24 dozens. For orders over 24 dozens a 75% deposit is required and 25% balance is due on delivery or pick up.

    Production Time: Generally ten working days from the time camera ready artwork is received or when the artwork is made camera ready. Rush charges will be quoted before beginning work.

    Press Check: To inspect printing and make changes will be $75 an hour. And $20 per ink change. To terminate the job will require the minimum printing and purchase of garments or restocking fee determined by suppliers.

    Quantity Pricing: To qualify for the quantity prices, order must be of the same printing job and the order made at the same time.

    Color Change: Color changes on the same order are $20 per ink change.

    Oversized Designs: Designs exceeding 13”x13” add 20% to above print prices.

    Nylon Jacket Printing: 3X to the above printing prices.

    Special Inks: Opaque, metallic or puff inks, add .30 per color per shirt.

    Sweatshirts: Add .20 per color.

    Special Color mix: $50 per color, PMS colors by approximation only

    Split Fountain: Only upon our acceptance. We cannot guarantee consistent colors for each shirt. Colors are limited by size of print. Colors must be compatible for a smooth blend.

    T-Shirts, Etc.: We can supply you with T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Sportshirts, Tote Bags, etc.

    Client Supplied Garments: Client supplied substrates are subject to a surcharge. We are not responsible for misprints on supplied garments. Unbagging supplied shirts are 25¢ each.

    Team Numbers: $15 each for initial print. $12 for duplicate print of the same number , size and ink of the same job. Single digit or two digit numbers are priced same. Team numbers are made from handcut stencils are directly screenprinted on garments.

August 10, 2014

  • Leland Wong Photography Logo


    Believe it or not, I have not had a business card for a number of years now. When people asked me for a business card I usually tell them to Google me and they’ll find my website. But I took down my websites last year because I found they were not very effective in generating business anymore. Nor did I want to spend the extra $25 a month for each website. But I feel I must put my websites back up. A website acts as a brochure for the public to see and get a feel of what I do. I like having a website because it’s like having a portfolio online for the world to see.

    I am beginning to find myself going into a semi-retirement mode. I feel I can no longer handle so many things at once. It’s no wonder when companies hire they often stress the ability to multi-task. It’s a way of weeding out the old farts from the young whippersnappers.

    I don’t feel I have the stamina it used to take to photograph an all day fourteen hour wedding anymore. That also goes for the many hours editing the images and preparing for the album. I can still handle smaller assignments such as event coverage or family portraits. I still need money to function so I must continue to struggle to do my photography and art.

    oh….whaddya think about the above logos? I think I should make another business card. As a graphic artist I never can settle on a logo. I grow tired of it easily and begin to have a new idea for it. But nevertheless, I feel I need a logo and a business card. Which font is best for the ‘photography’ word. I tend to want something that looks loose and fun for the photography word.

    I really should get my website going again. The domain names are still active.